The Helpful Husband

A Woman's Guide To Recruiting Her Husband's Help and Support Without Manipulating, Pressuring, or Nagging

In this highly practical video series, Ramona Zabriskie, award-winning marriage mentor and founder of Wife for Life University, will walk you step-by-step through 8 powerful, authentic, and loving ways to get the help you need from your husband. No manipulating, pressuring, or nagging needed!


Talk About Intimacy

10 Secrets To Feeling Closer To Your Husband (and Helping Him Feel Closer To You) Through Conversation

As a woman, having warm, meaningful conversations with your husband is one you to feel the most loved. You yearn to feel close and connected with your companion, but all to often,  he just won't open up or he doesn't seem to understand your needs. Ramona Zabriskie's new 42 page ebook, Talk About Intimacy, will teach you 10 transformative "secrets" as well as multiple tactics and strategies to break down those barriers have have the love-filled, intimate conversations you long so much for.