Wife for Life University – Fall 2015

A transformative ten-week live online course for women taught by Ramona Zabriskie, award-winning author, speaker, teacher, mentor

Did you know that a large part of succeeding in marriage as a wife and a partner is the acquisition of a specific skill set? By learning and applying transformative "Dream Maker" principles, you can: 

  • Dramatically increase your personal happiness. 
  • Resurrect or beautify your marriage.
  • Set your trajectory toward the relationship of your dreams.

As a professional marriage mentor, author, and speaker, it has been a joy for me to help women of all ages and from around the world achieve their marital dreams. I have watched the strategies and principles of what I call "Dream Making" save nearly extinct marriages, turn troubled marriages around, and help good marriages grow towards grand. 

This labor of love is especially sweet for me because I was nearly divorced myself many years ago. Fortunately, I discovered my power to affect change and consequently completely reoriented our marriage by reorienting myself! In the decades since then, our love has become an empire of family, friends, fun, and good works: what I call a "grand" marriage.

You can have that too. Let me teach you how.  ~ Ramona Zabriskie

Wife for Life University is...

  • LEARNING: Ten 90-minute LIVE virtual classroom discussions, held once a week, during which you can see, hear, and interact with Ramona and your classmates from the comfort of your own home or office (or listen in by phone). 
  • SUPPORT: Free sharing including Q&A with me and your classmates throughout the class. Then during the week, you will receive (and can call upon) TA support from your member of the W4L Dream Team, as well as  exclusive access to the private W4LU Forum where you can communicate with fellow students and alumni.
  • APPLICATION: Motivating and thought-provoking course materials that will help you prepare for each class and then apply what you learn.

Wife for Life University is not...

  • An impersonal video series or a lonely e-course without the benefit of feedback, accountability, or support.


Wife for Life University expands upon the principles from Wife for Life: The Power to Succeed in Marriage, breaking them down in a way that makes personal, positive dream-making manageable and exciting.

  • Week One: You will come away from our first session comprehending why you and your husband want a lifelong partnership, and I will help you analyze how this clearly affects the quality of your current and long-term relationship. You will also better understand his why.
  • Week Two: You will come to comprehend his particular male tendencies, and we will discuss how to not only live with - but actually love those gender-influenced differences We will also explore the male fears and female fears that play on each other and cause misunderstanding. 
  • Week Three: You will become aware of things that you may do that inadvertently drive him away from you. We will explore why you do them and why they hurt him.
  • Week Four: You will strategize wonderful ways of toning down your stress and bumping up those feel-good moments, creating your own happiness. You will also learn and practice a skill-set that will teach you how to help him help you!
  • Week Five: You will be introduced to invaluable strategies for preventing conflict as much as possible, as well as protecting your relationship during and after conflict -- and practice them. 
  • Week Six: You will apply an amazing approach to your marriage that will draw him closer and closer so that he opens up and trusts you as his one, true intimate. This approach has saved and vastly improved many, many marriages!
  • Week Seven: You will learn how to become a Dream Maker: that is, how to help him become the man of his dreams, so that he can become the man of your dreams.
  • Week Eight: You will find out how to weave your deep dreams with his, inspiring mutual support. You will appreciate how critical this crowning achievement is to a grand marriage, and you will learn the other four components of a truly successful lifelong partnership.
  • Week Nine: You will have the entire class time this week to discuss any subject or issues related to the class, relationships and marriage. A prime opportunity to prime Ramona!
  • Week Ten: We will inspire each other's "Best Imagination". As a class and support group, we will review what we've learned, share how we feel about it, and plan for the future!

Lifetime Bonuses

Completing the ten-week course will earn you the official designation Wife for LIFE and you will be guaranteed:

  • full lifetime access to all of Ramona's current and future video course library 
  • unlimited lifetime access to the Wife Support forum, exclusive to the W4LU students and alumni
  • unlimited lifetime access to regular Q&A's with Ramona, exclusive to the W4LU students and alumni

Class Dates / Time


You may attend either the daytime or evening class or both on any given Wednesday:

9:00am PST (10am MST / 11am CST / 12pm EST)  OR  6pm PST (7pm MST / 8pm CST / 9pm EST)

What It Costs

$997.00 for all ten weeks of the life-changing, marriage-saving Wife for Life University PLUS all the lifetime bonus' exclusive to W4LU alumni

Enrollment for Fall Semester 2015 is closed. 

Be sure to sign up for our newsletter at ramonazabriskie.com to be notified when enrollment for Winter Semester 2016 opens. 

The first day of class for Winter Semester will be February 3rd, 2016. 


"One does not often have the opportunity to so intimately view, hear, or feel the spirits of other women talking about their marriage as I did during Wife for Life University. I found it revealing, humbling, inspiring. The women I heard truly treasure their husbands and marriages. I remember reading several books about marriage during my first and most unsuccessful one, but there was no Wife for Life University back then-- no Ramona Zabriskie to throw me a lifeline. How I wish there had been!...God bless you all that you have done, are doing, and will yet do to help women. Thank you for being who you are and for sharing your exquisite vision of The Grand Marriage and your brilliant strategies with as many people as you possibly can in this Grand Wife for Life University!"

~ “I recently shared the book with a friend and she and I are both now enrolled in an eight-week online course with the author which is turning out to be simply delightful, insightful, enthralling and enlightening!”

~ "I have taken to heart my responsibility to do whatever it takes until I and my man have achieved a grand lifelong marriage. I have learned much about myself in the process of being married for 25 years and feel grateful for dear mentors along the way, older women who care deeply and take time to share precious wisdom."

"I am grateful Ramona Zabriskie has shared with us her knowledge and experience. She is a voice of inspiration in a world that indicates that a new marriage may be the better than working on the one we have. Thank you Ramona! You have changed my marriage by changing me and showing me that there is another way."

~ "You should know that the book, the exercises, and our class yesterday were each very significant to me, and I felt that it would be most meaningful to you if I told you specifically why they meant so much. I am grateful for the way the course is challenging me to grow in my relationship with my spouse and forcing me to push beyond my own emotional comfort zone, even though sometimes it's just hard! I also appreciated the myriad of shared experiences by classmates...that is so beneficial!! Thank you for your mentoring for all of us!"

~ "I couldn't wait to get home from work tonight to listen to this week's class! The chapters covered in this week's class have been so incredibly needed." 

~ “I'm so excited to be a part of this course. One of the things I love about your book is that it just makes sense. So many other relationship books and articles that I've read leave me feeling overwhelmed and anxious because there's so much to think about and do. But Wife for Life breaks it down to the fundamentals - it's not so much about changing who I am, but digging down to the qualities that I already have but don't know how best to use them. You're amazing, Ramona! Thank you again for this opportunity!” 

“In the beginning, I was feeling so overwhelmed with everything, I didn’t know how I could fit it all in.  I appreciated your specific comment about how worthwhile it would be to prioritize making an effort, and I have.  I have chosen only one thing each week to work on, but it is making a vast difference in how I feel about myself and my marriage… Thank you again for the wonderful book and support and teaching I am receiving from you and to all who are sharing in class.”

~ "I took the W4LU class last year and it has saved my marriage. I have grown so much in the last year and my marriage relationship has grown too. I am taking the classes again because I need to get focused again and refreshed on all the tools. So now to what happened today, I was talking to my husband tonight. We were talking about what we admired in each other. My husband said that he is in awe at how devoted I am to all that I do. He then thanked me for being willing to work on our marriage relationship instead of saying "forget this". I feel like he basically thanked me for being the "Keeper” of the marriage. A year ago, this conversation never would have happened. It is worth the effort."

Don't let another day or month go by. 
Let's get to work crafting the relationship of your dreams! 



If you grapple with complicated and critical issues such as unmanageable anger, physical, emotional, or verbal abuse (past or present), substance dependency, pornography addiction, or extramarital affairs in your marriage, I believe you will benefit from Dream Maker Academy, but there are additional resources for you, which I strongly recommend seeking out. Dream Maker Academy is also not intended to heal childhood trauma or mental illness. Such wounds are the province of clinical therapists, scientists, and the clergy--none of which describes me.

In summary, nothing in this course should be taken in lieu of professional academic, legal, therapeutic, or medical advice. I offer a voice of encouragement and gentle direction—like a trusted relative or mentor. The values and strategies I advocate are those I have learned for myself as a student, and which I know have proven effective for others. The principles I teach are validated by marriage professionals. Nevertheless, because every relationship is unique, results will unquestionably vary. In other words, only you and your spouse can be responsible for the relationship you create. That gives you the power, not me or anyone else, to make your dreams of a grand, lifelong marriage a reality.

Registering for this course indicates that you understand and agree to these terms of service.