The Helpful Husband

A Woman's Guide To Recruiting Her Husband's Help and Support Without Manipulating, Pressuring, or Nagging

In this highly practical video series, award-winning marriage mentor and founder of Wife for Life University, Ramona Zabriskie, will walk you step-by-step through 8 powerful, authentic, and loving ways to get the physical and emotional help you need from your husband. No manipulating, pressuring, or nagging needed!

These strategies have proven highly effective for thousands of her students from all over the world, not only helping them accomplish more in the home, but actually bringing them closer to their husbands. 

In four easy and entertaining lessons you will learn:

  • how to commit your husband to helping more with everyday needs in your family and around the house.
  • how to recruit his help with complicated issues, including the emotional support you long for.
  • how to approach your husband when he has hurt your feelings so that he can avoid hurting them again.

What Other Women are Saying

“I just finished learning How to Help Your Husband Help You. All I can say is WOW. I'm SO grateful for this class. I can't express enough how much it fills me with hope to listen to the experiences, insights, and wisdom shared.”

"Thank you from all of my heart. You have changed not only my marriage, but me. I’ve seen an instant improvement in the way my husband and I react to each other. It is liberating for both of us!” 

“It has worked! You have given me my life back! Thank you! Thank you!”

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